Brent Barraclough, FRSA, is an internationally trained classical pianist, with more than twenty-five years experience teaching all levels of piano. He is a Registered Music Teacher and has studied and performed in many countries around the world.

His extensive experience includes the auditioning of hundreds of musicians in many disciplines for both concert and television.


He has studied at The Juilliard School in New York City, McGill University in Montreal and at The Guildhall School in London, England. His primary teachers were Ruth Laredo, “America’s First Lady of the Piano” and Thomas C Plaunt. As well, he has had master classes or studied with John Ogden, Bela Siki, Josef Raiff, Marilyn Engle , Eva Kovalik and Dorothy Morton.

Executive Direction

Brent has been Chief Executive Officer of the Prince of Wales’ national UK charity, “Live Music Now!” where he directed over 2,000 performances annually.

He has also been the national Development Director of “Drake Music” in London, England; a charity creating opportunities for disabled people to make music using technology. In 2005, Brent chaired the Vancouver BC Registered Music Teacher’s Festival.

Brent Barraclough


  • Joined well-known Canadian pianists, Anton Kuerti and Louise Bessette on a 2012 national piano jury

  • Elected a Fellow of the distinguished Royal Society of Arts in 2000

  • Host of the television show “Noteworthy”, a program showcasing talented young musicians in Alberta
  • Experienced vocal accompanist that has worked with Paul Hamburger, Michael McMahon and Joanne Bentley
  • Played with the Orford String Quartet and members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra